About the Owner

Pete Rittmueller  Hydrologist & Fisheries Biologist, has extensive experience installing and operating stream gauging stations in remote locations during the past 25 years.

Mr. Rittmueller's primary role has been project management of critical hydrology and instream flow issues for projects in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. His participation in negotiations on several projects has resulted in obtaining flow agreements which have improved the feasibility of projects.

From 2002 to 2008, Mr. Rittmueller was in charge of all gauge installations, records and analysis for the Anyox and Kitsault Hydroelectric Projects in Northwest British Columbia. Major tasks have included installation, discharge measurements, rating curves and daily flow records for 12 new gauging stations. All of the stations are at remote sites. Ten sites accessed via helicopter are serviced in a single day. Mr. Rittmueller initially synthesized flow statistics in ungauged Anyox Creek, producing 15 years of daily flow records. Recent gauging results have supported the original records in many creeks and shown significantly higher flow in one major creek.

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